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Counter-fraud and corruption policy

This Counter-Fraud and Corruption policy is to advise and guide members and employees of the Authority, contractors, suppliers, partner organisations and service users, on the Authority’s approach to issues of fraud and corruption.

Data Quality Policy

Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority recognises the need for an appropriate balance between openness and confidentiality in the management and use of data and information and the importance of this data being accurate and available, as a fundamental requirement for the prevention of injuries and deaths.

Employee Communication Policy

Effective communication is fundamental to the success of any organisation.

Communication takes many forms, and it is our policy that every employee of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has responsibility for effective communication, and for participating in the delivery of the organisation’s communication strategy through the use of the communication tools available.

Organisational Development Policy

We recognise that our employees are a vital factor in the efficient and effective operation of this Service, and we strive to develop their skills and create succession profiling.

Pay Policy Statement 2017-18

Policy setting out the principles of accountability, transparency and fairness relating to pay. The policy lays down how pay is managed and set for all employees of Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority including the Strategic Management Board.

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement sets out the basis on which all personal data collected or provided by individuals, will be processed by the Authority during the employment life cycle and details how the Authority manages employees and potential employees personal information within the People & Organisational Development (POD) Directorate.

Training Learning and Development Policy Statement

This policy outlines the Authority's commitment to training, learning and development. Effective learning and development enables the Authority to deliver its services to the community effectively and efficiently, within legal requirements, supporting resilience and business continuity. Development opportunities also support the individual in expanding their potential as well as meeting or exceeding performance expectations.