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Executive Committee – 9 February 2022

The Executive Committee of the Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority is being held in MEETING ROOM 1, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE FIRE AND RESCUE SERVICE, HEADQUARTERS, STOCKLAKE, AYLESBURY, BUCKS HP20 1BD on WEDNESDAY 9 FEBRURY 2022 at 10.00 AM.

Health and Safety: Covid-19
There will be extremely limited facilities for members of the public to observe the meeting in person, therefore a recording of the meeting will be available online after the meeting.

9 February 2022, 10:00 am

Item 1: Apologies

Item 2: Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 November 2021

Item 3: Disclosure of Interests

Item 4: Matters Arising from the Previous Meeting

Item 5: Questions

Item 6: Great Holm Update

Item 7: Budget Monitoring Report April – November 2021

Item 8: The Prudential Code, Prudential Indicators and Minimum Revenue Provision

Item 9: Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) 2022/23 – 2026/27 and Revised Appendices

Item 10: Response to the Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement 2022 to 2023: Consultation

Item 11: TVFCS ICC Contract and Inter Authority Agreement

Item 12: Members’ Allowances

Item 13: Exclusion of the Public and Press

Item 14: Injury Pension Overpayments

Item 15: Exempt Minutes of the meeting held on Wednesday 17 November 2021

Item 16: Date of next meeting – Wednesday 23 March 2022 at 10am