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How to Supply Goods and Services

The Service spends about £9 million each year on the procurement of goods, services, and works from a diverse range of suppliers. It is our public duty to ensure this money is spent in the most effective way whilst delivering value for money and complying with our statutory duties.

As a public sector organisation, the way in which we procure is governed by both internal Financial & Contract Regulations and the UK Public Contract Regulations 2015.  We have a responsibility to ensure that the public money we receive is used appropriately, our expenditure is transparent, and we achieve value for money.  Most of our expenditure is spent through formal contracts that have been subject to competition.

The Service already has existing contracts in place. You can find details of the contract, title, start, and end date in the Contracts Register published within the Procurement Information section of our website.

Many of our contracts are awarded through joint tenders with other partner organisations or via framework agreements that have been set up for use by public sector organisations.

In response to the Local Government Transparency Code 2015, we provide financial transparency by publishing detailed information about our contracts, purchase orders, commissioned activities, and framework agreements that exceed £5,000.