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For Emergencies
Call 999

For emergencies
Call 999
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Firefighters preparing equipment

On-Call Firefighter commitment

Our On-Call employees are committed to responding when they are needed.

Becoming a firefighter

Becoming a Firefighter

How we select and train people to become one of our Wholetime Firefighters.

Becoming an On-Call Firefighter

Becoming an On-Call Firefighter

Our On-Call Firefighters go through a rigorous selection process.

On-Call Firefighter

What is an On-Call Firefighter?

On-Call Firefighters are professional Firefighters who usually respond from home or their primary employment.

Developing On-Call Firefighters

Developing our On-Call Firefighters

After initial training, our On-Call Firefighters complete a period of time in development.

On-Call Availability

On-Call availability – responding to incidents

Our response model can respond to emergency incidents of varying types and durations.

On-Call Firefighter

Am I eligible to become an On-Call Firefighter in Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes?

Find out what our criteria is for becoming an On-Call Firefighter.

Firefighter Training

On-Call payment system

Our On-Call Firefighters receive a variety of payments.

On-Call Firefighter Training

How do we train people to become one of our On-Call Firefighters?

Training is in modules that allow Firefighters to increasingly perform more of the role.