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For Emergencies
Call 999

For emergencies
Call 999
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Developing our On-Call Firefighters

Once all initial training modules are complete, our On-Call Firefighters complete a period of time in development.

Developing On-Call Firefighters

With all initial training modules complete, our On-Call Firefighters will be able to perform all the core firefighting tasks at an emergency. At this stage they begin a two-year development period to become a competent Firefighter.

Within this period, they may also have the opportunity to attend further training modules such as:

  • Immediate emergency care
  • Tactical ventilation
  • Large goods vehicle driver
  • Emergency appliance driver
  • Other specialist skills specific to your area of response

Qualifying an On-Call Firefighter as competent

Competency in role will be demonstrated through assignments, assessments and the completion of a Firefighter development portfolio.

Further training in specific areas and skills will be acquired throughout their firefighting career and their competency is maintained through continuous training.

Career development

On-Call Firefighters start their career by gaining the essential front-line experience and training needed to become a competent Firefighter.

Once competent, if they are seeking promotion, there are opportunities available to progress and develop. Hourly rates of pay increase on promotion.

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On-Call Firefighter commitment

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Becoming an On-Call Firefighter

Becoming an On-Call Firefighter

Our On-Call Firefighters go through a rigorous selection process.

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What is an On-Call Firefighter?

On-Call Firefighters are professional Firefighters who usually respond from home or their primary employment.