Buckingham Fire Station

Bourton Road, Buckingham, Bucks, MK18 1BE


Drill Nights

Drill nights for Buckingham Fire Station's on-call firefighters are held on Thursdays, starting at 7.15pm.


About Us

Buckingham is an expanding university and market town with a large new industrial estate. The area served by the fire station is predominantly rural with a number of major farming estates and country houses, some of which, such as Stowe, Charmaindean and Akeley Wood, have been converted to independent day and boarding schools.

The station covers the north western corner of Buckinghamshire, edging on to Oxfordshire and Northamptonshire to the west and north respectively. To the east the border is with Milton Keynes and to the south the station responds as far as the A41 Aylesbury to Bicester road.

A long-standing and proactive community fire safety programme, including the Key Stage 3 fire awareness programme in schools and Home Fire Risk Checks, has kept actual fire incidents to low figures over the years.

While Community Safety is our lead role, our major risk is related to the large number of fast roads that criss-cross the area. Therefore the station works closely with South Central Ambulance Service and Thames Valley Police to ensure all staff are kept abreast of the latest practical skills and procedures.

The station aims to maintain a low level of fire incidents and reduce the number of road traffic-related incidents in the area.