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Wholetime Firefighter

Do you have to have good hearing to be Wholetime Firefighter?

Yes, there is a requirement to have good hearing in line with functional standards (with artificial aids, where applicable) to be a Firefighter.

I wear glasses and have had corrective eye surgery. Can I apply for a Wholetime Firefighter role?

You will be expected to attend an eye test as part of your application, and the optician will test you for colour vision. Individuals with either normal colour vision or slightly abnormal green colour vision are suitable for appointment to the Fire Service. Please refer to the Visual Entry Standards for more information – click here to find out more.

I am dyslexic. Will I be able to cope with the Firefighter online psychometric and ability tests?

Dyslexia is considered to be a disability and you will be asked if you have a disability as part of the recruitment process. If you let us know we can make reasonable adjustments for you at the relevant stages of the selection process. We normally ask for a report to confirm the type and extent of your dyslexia which is sent to our Occupational Health Practitioner for review, they will then decide if a reasonable adjustment can be made.

I have a disability. Can I apply to be a Firefighter?

As part of our recruitment process applicants are asked if they have a disability, and to give details of adjustments they may require in order to take part in the selection process and to fulfil the role should they be successful. Each case will be considered on an individual basis and, if reasonable adjustments can be made to enable you to take part in the selection process and fulfil the role of a Firefighter, then your application will be progressed.

As a practising Sikh, could I still be a Firefighter and wear a turban?

A new clause of the Deregulation Bill 2015 extends the existing exemption for Sikhs to have to wear a safety helmet under the Employment Act in all workplaces. However, there are exclusions for emergency response services and the military, which apply only in hazardous operational situations when the wearing of a safety helmet is considered necessary, for example when entering a burning building where protective clothing needs to be worn to enclose the whole body.

My faith requires me to fast – could I still be a Firefighter?

Yes, a Firefighter can fast. However, it is important that all members of the Service are able to perform their core role while on duty, so we encourage staff who choose to fast to discuss it with their line manager.

Can a Firefighter earn more by doing overtime?

On top of their basic annual wage, a Firefighter can enhance their earning potential by taking overtime and undertaking extra bank shifts at an enhanced hourly rate.

What assessments do Firefighters undergo during their development?

Throughout their development Firefighters are assessed through:

– On the job observations
– Written assessments
– Evidence of duties/tasks performed
– Reports from mentors and managers
– Production of an e-portfolio of evidence
– End point assessment

What hours do Wholetime Firefighters have to work?

Wholetime Firefighters can work within any of the duty systems employed within BFRS which currently include, but are not limited to, Shift (two x nine-hour days, two x 15 hour nights, followed by four days off), Day Crewed, and Flexi-firefighter system.