Membership of committees

Executive Committee

Councillors Carroll, Clare, Hopkins, Lambert, Marland, McDonald, Reed and Roberts

The Executive Committee meets to discuss budgets, financial arrangements, insurance and financial plans, and to make recommendations to the Fire Authority for decision.

Overview and Audit Committee

Councillors Cranmer, Exon, Farrow, Geary, Glover, Irwin, Teesdale, Watson and Wilson

The Overview and Audit Committee meets quarterly to discuss internal and external audits, the Statement of Accounts and the Annual Governance Statement, and to make recommendations to the Executive Committee for decision.

All meetings are open to the media and public. However, some confidential matters have to be discussed in private.

Lead Member Responsibilities

Responsibility Lead Member
Community Protection Councillor Teesdale
People and Equality and Diversity Councillor Lambert
Finance, IT and Procurement  Councillor McDonald
Health and Safety and Corporate Risk Councillor Glover
Property and Resource Management  Councillor Carroll
Collaboration and Transformation Councillor Watson




To take a lead role in providing support and constructive challenge to senior officers in the development of strategies and plans and contributing towards the strategic direction of the Authority, within the Authority’s overall policy objectives.


To act as a ‘sounding board’ for senior officers on issues within the portfolio, and be supportive in dealing with any problems at a strategic level.


To review, in conjunction with senior officers, the service within the portfolio.


To keep abreast of related developments and policies at national, regional and local level.


To take the lead in reporting to the Authority, one of its committees, or panels on issues within the portfolio.


To attend the Overview and Audit Committee, at its request, in connection with any issues associated with the portfolio which is the subject of scrutiny.


To act as a spokesperson for the Authority on issues within the portfolio.


To represent the Authority on bodies, at events and at conferences related to the portfolio, as appointed by the Executive Committee and to feedback to the Authority any issues of relevance / importance.