Fire and Wellness visits

A service for people assessed as being at greatest risk

Fire and Wellness Visits have replaced the traditional home safety check. These visits are available to people assessed as being at greatest risk from fire or who are deemed as more vulnerable from a number of other societal or health and well-being risks. 

The visits are carried out by operational fire crews or community safety co-ordinators, who can where appropriate make a referral to a number of support services or agencies.

Areas covered in a Fire and Wellness Visit include: 

  • Smoke detection (heat and/or carbon monoxide detectors where appropriate)
  • The importance of bedtime checks
  • Escape plans
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety, including the importance of registering appliances
  • Safe smoking practices and referral to smoking cessation services
  • Falls awareness and referral to relevant services
  • Social isolation with signposting to ways to address this

If the answer to any of the questions below is no, you can request to be screened for a free Fire and Wellness Visit by emailing or ringing 01296 744477.

  • Are there working smoke alarms? How do you know they work – have you checked them?
  • If a smoke alarm went off, would the householder/resident respond to it knowing what to do? – Could you get out if needed? Is your ability to respond affected by a health need, medication, drugs, alcohol, mobility, frailty?
  • A Fire and Wellness visit may also be appropriate if there is anything which places the home at increased risk of fire. This could include hoarded materials, clutter from overcrowded living arrangements, multiple electrical devices plugged into extension leads, burn marks or signs of previous minor fires.

If you are enquiring on behalf of an elderly relative or neighbour, it is important that we have their contact details so that we can confirm the booking. It is also important that you have told them you are making this request on their behalf.

We currently provide British Standard smoke alarms with a sealed battery that should last 10 years in normal use.

The Fire and Wellness Visit, and any equipment provided and fitted during our visit, is entirely FREE.

Alarms for people who are Deaf/deaf or hard of hearing

If you are Deaf/deaf or hard of hearing, you may well not be able to hear the smoke alarms that we fit during Fire and Wellness Visits. If that is the case we will, with your consent, pass your details to Buckinghamshire Integrated Sensory Services (BISS) or Sensory Advice Resource Centre (SARC) depending on the area you live in, and they will arrange a hearing assessment for you, providing a specialist smoke alarm system suitable for your needs where necessary.