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7:49 PM

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Milton Keynes

7:49 PM, Sunday 7 August, 2022

Smoke logging to flat caused by indoor use of barbecue

North Ninth Street, Central Milton Keynes

One appliance and crew from Broughton attended.

A barbecue being used inside the kitchen of a ground floor flat, within a three-storey block, had caused smoke logging to the communal area of the building.

The firefighters relocated the barbecue to the outside of the property, provided advice and used positive pressure ventilation to clear the smoke.

The communal area was 10 per cent damaged by smoke.

Barbecues should never be used indoors, under an awning or inside a tent, camper or other enclosed shelter.
As well as being a fire hazard they can also cause Carbon Monoxide poising.
Please check out our safety advice if thinking of using any type of barbecue.