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Closing Date:

7 August 2020 (Midnight)






Headquarters, Stocklake, Aylesbury, HP20 1BD


£24,399 – £31,144 (National Pay Scales)


  • Permanent contract
  • 42 hour week plus 40 hours of resilience cover per week
  • Pensionable flexible deployment allowance of 10 per cent plus an annual award of up to 5 per cent in respect of resilience rota participation
  • Local Government Firefighter Pension Scheme
  • Good annual leave entitlement
  • Employee benefits
  • Employee Assistance Programme
  • Occupational Health
  • Free onsite parking
  • Onsite gym facilities

Exciting opportunities have arisen within Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service (BFRS) for operational staff interested in transferring to an innovative, forward thinking, progressive organisation, working within our Flexi-Firefighter system.

We are seeking to appoint individuals who are effective communicators with the ability to work under minimum supervision, with the desire and ability to work flexibly, and across the geographic area of Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

The Flexi-Firefighter team currently consists of a mixture of Firefighters, Crew Commanders and a Watch Commander. The positions will be on a permanent contract that will attract an additional pensionable flexible deployment allowance of 10 per cent, plus an annual award of up to 5 per cent in respect of resilience rota participation. Enhanced earning potential, overtime and extra bank shifts at an enhanced hourly rate.

Reaching/maintaining the required performance standards within the Flexi-Firefighter role will enable you to seek alternative positions across the organisation, in line with the organisation’s management of transfers of operational employees.

You will be required to undertake a development programme across the range of national resilience specialisms, all training will be provided for this.

You will need to provide resilience across the organisation in addition to contracted working hours should the requirement arise, and this will include incidences affecting resource numbers, and recall to duty requirements.


Developing On-Call Firefighters

Eligibility for the role:

This role is open to Competent Firefighters from Whole Time and On-Call Operational staff who reside (or can reside) within Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

We are looking for individuals who possess the following personal qualities:

• Keen to contribute to a safer community.

• Committed to equality and fairness.

• An understanding of their role with regards to health, safety and welfare.

• Motivated to continually improve.

• Effective team member.

• Effective communicator.

• Flexible approach to undertaking new initiatives.


Our essential requirements are that you:

• Must hold a full UK driving licence.

• Must be a competent firefighter.

• Achieve Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance.

• Pass a service medical and fitness test.

• Achieve the required standard on a practical assessment day.


When completing the application form, please answer the following questions in the supporting statement:

• Why you are interested in this particular role within Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service.

• With reference to the Role Profile, please give examples of the skills, knowledge and experience you would bring to the role of Flexi-Firefighter to demonstrate why you are a suitable candidate for the role.

• Please outline the steps you have taken over the last twelve months to enhance your personal development and progression within your current role.

• As part of the Flexi-Firefighter resilience requirement, are you able to respond to Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service within a three hour timescale, if required.


Please ensure you enter relevant Firefighter qualifications that you have in the relevant education and qualifications section.

If you would relish the opportunity of transferring to an innovative, forward thinking, progressive fire and rescue service, that encourages developing a range of skills to help serve the community, then we would like to hear from you.

For further information about the role please review the job description, which can be downloaded via the related downloads button below.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fitness test for Wholetime Firefighters?

Read answer

Wholetime Firefighters are required to complete the 12-minute Chester Treadmill Test and three strength tests. If you are considering applying it is advisable that you start working on your fitness and strength in advance. If you are successful at the early stages of the process you will then be ready for the fitness test. It is also important you maintain your fitness.

If I am a Wholetime Firefighter, can I have a second job?

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Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has a service policy that secondary employment has to be authorised by the Service. Any application for secondary employment from an employee on our Firefighter Apprenticeship scheme will only be considered after six months of service.

Can I choose which fire station to work at?

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Unfortunately not. As a Firefighter you agree to serve at any station within Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service. All successful candidates may be required to work within any of the duty systems employed within BFRS. When placing Firefighters we must take into account where we need to fill vacancies. However, we will review skills of all new employees and try to place them at a station and watch that will help them develop further.

What are different coloured watches?

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Operational employees working at a fire station which runs a shift system are split into four rota groups known as ‘watches’ – White, Red, Blue and Green. The four rota groups ensure we can provide a continual service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from that station.

Do you have separate changing facilities for male and female Firefighters?

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Every Firefighter has access to a room which can be used as a private changing facility if required.

Do I need to be able to swim?

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All of our Firefighters are trained in water rescue and therefore applicants need to be able to swim and be able to rescue themselves from calm water.

Do I need to be able to drive?

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Yes, you need to hold a full UK driving licence with no pending issues at the point of application.

Do Wholetime Firefighters have to work weekends and public holidays?

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Firefighters whose shift/work pattern falls on a weekend or public holiday will be required to work. There is the option to take leave, subject to a maximum number of people being on leave at any one time. This is to make sure our fire appliances have enough people on duty to crew them. Firefighters who are required to work a public holiday will receive the relevant enhanced pay.

Is there an age limit for Wholetime Firefighter applicants?

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You have to be a minimum of 18-years old at the start of your employment. There is no upper age limit. As long as you are physically fit and can pass the fitness test you can become a Firefighter.

Would a criminal record prevent me from applying to be a Wholetime Firefighter?

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A criminal record does not necessarily prevent you applying for a role. Applicants are asked to declare any criminal convictions during the recruitment process, and we expect honesty in declarations of any convictions or charges. If an applicant declares a conviction or charge it will not necessarily prevent them from progressing any further through the recruitment process, however the matter will need to be risk assessed and discussed between the person concerned, the line manager and Human Resources.

How often do you check your Firefighters’ driving licences?

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We undertake driving licence checks on all employees every three years.

Would a driving offence prevent me from applying to be a Wholetime Firefighter?

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Not necessarily. We will undertake a driving licence check through an external contractor as part of the pre-employment clearance stage. So please be honest on your application. Let us know of any driving convictions, fines, etc. that you have had in the past, as some still appear even though they are spent.

Why is there a requirement for Firefighters to have a driving licence?

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Firefighters may be required to provide cover at another fire station at short notice. They will need to get there, along with their fire kit, and therefore will need to be able to drive. There may also be a requirement to progress to driving fire appliances in the future.

Is my address within a 20-mile radius of your county border?

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Unfortunately, we are unable to check every individual address query before shortlisting. You could however carry out a postcode check on the internet to gain a rough idea of how close to the border you are. We would recommend if you think you are within a location close enough that you submit your application. All addresses will be being checked during the shortlisting stage to confirm the distance from the county border.

Why do you restrict applications to people who live within a 20-mile radius of your county border?

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We seek to represent the communities we serve in the make-up of our organisation. By employing people from our communities, we enhance our organisations local knowledge. We also contribute to the economic growth of our communities by providing local jobs for local people. During the recruitment process you will be asked to provide proof of your home address.

Is being a Firefighter dangerous?

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We have developed a very positive approach to health and safety, and set extremely high standards and expectations in this area. We appreciate our work can never be hazard-free, however we have adopted an assertive, safe and effective approach to how we operate. Our Firefighters work within a competency framework, receive regular training, and are issued with effective personal protective equipment such as helmets and other fire kit. Safe systems of work are established with a high level of command and control.

Would somebody’s size affect their application to be a Wholetime Firefighter?

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No – this is a popular misconception, because there used to be restrictions on height, weight and chest expansion. Candidates are expected to pass strength and fitness tests as part of the recruitment process. The tests are at a level that’s achievable by men and women of all different sizes and builds.

Are Firefighters allowed to drink or smoke?

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We have a policy which prohibits the use of drugs, alcohol and smoking in all of our premises.

Do you have to have good hearing to be Wholetime Firefighter?

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Yes, there is a requirement to have good hearing in line with functional standards (with artificial aids, where applicable) to be a Firefighter.

I wear glasses and have had corrective eye surgery. Can I apply for a Wholetime Firefighter role?

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You will be expected to attend an eye test as part of your application, and the optician will test you for colour vision. Individuals with either normal colour vision or slightly abnormal green colour vision are suitable for appointment to the Fire Service. Please refer to the Visual Entry Standards for more information – click here to find out more.