27 members of staff, more than 600 years of service!

Tue 27 Oct, 2015

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has thanked 27 long-serving members of staff for their dedication and commitment.

Twelve have received the 20-year Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medal, which was introduced by the Queen in 1954 to honour full-time and part-time members of the fire and rescue service who have rendered “long and meritorious” service. Another 15 were recognised for 25 years’ continuous service.

Many attended an award ceremony at The Oculus in Aylesbury, where guests included: Alexander Boswell, Vice Lord-Lieutenant for Buckinghamshire; Francesca Skelton, High Sheriff of Buckinghamshire; Councillor Keith McLean, Mayor of Milton Keynes; Members of Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority, led by the Chairman, Councillor Adrian Busby; and Chief Fire Officer Jason Thelwell.

The group picture above shows a number of the recipients and guests, along with other award-winners who will be featured in a separate news release.

Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - 20 years


  • Crew Commander David Kearney, Amersham Fire Station


  • Watch Commander Steve Cook, Headquarters, Aylesbury
  • Group Commander Richard Priest, Headquarters, Aylesbury

Gerrards Cross

  • Crew Commander Andrew Newell, Gerrards Cross Fire Station

Milton Keynes

  • Crew Commander David Barden, Bletchley Fire Station
  • Watch Commander Lee Bloom, Great Holm Fire Station
  • Station Commander Graham Freer, Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations
  • Watch Commander Stefan Gardner-Potter, Fire Safety Office, Broughton Fire Station
  • Watch Commander Hayley Handsley-Jones, Bletchley Fire Station
  • Firefighter Kevin Smith, Bletchley Fire Station
  • Firefighter Gary Watts, Bletchley Fire Station


  • Firefighter John Bigsby, Winslow Fire Station


Continuous service - 25 years


  • Watch Commander Sam Sansom, Amersham Fire Station


  • Station Commander Dean Elliott, Headquarters, Aylesbury
  • Station Commander Andy Jones, Headquarters, Aylesbury
  • Watch Commander Darren Knowles, Headquarters, Aylesbury
  • Station Commander Tim Parkins, Headquarters, Aylesbury
  • Crew Commander Alan Still, Aylesbury Fire Station
  • Group Commander Gary Taylor, Headquarters, Aylesbury
  • Road Safety Officer Keith Wheeler, Headquarters, Aylesbury

Gerrards Cross

  • Firefighter Robert Evans, formerly Gerrards Cross Fire Station

High Wycombe

  • Crew Commander Bill Lambrich, formerly High Wycombe Fire Station
  • Firefighter Phillip Statham, High Wycombe Fire Station

Milton Keynes

  • Crew Commander John Carson, Bletchley Fire Station
  • Watch Commander Andy Gillett, Broughton Fire Station
  • Crew Commander Nigel Skinner, Great Holm Fire Station
  • Crew Commander Robert Vasey, Broughton Fire Station