Can a fire engine fit - think before you park

Wed 20 Sep, 2017

Firefighters are urging people to think about access for emergency service vehicles when parking in the street.

Crews have recently been held up in Aylesbury because of cars parking on both sides of the road. 

Crew Commander Rhys Price from Aylesbury Fire Station said: “Inconsiderate parking by residents and visitors causes us to lose valuable time, and this could be vital if we are responding to an emergency incident.

“Roads with schools on, and areas with permit parking seem to become the most restricted, and invariably we have to rely on being able to backtrack and find an alternative route, or wait for drivers to return and move their vehicles. 

“But it doesn’t need to be a whole row of cars to cause us a delay, as this image shows it only takes two cars to cause us an obstruction. While these drivers had obviously considered the space required for cars to pass through and access resident’s driveways, they hadn’t accounted for the extra space our appliance or any other HGV requires. 

“Many streets were not designed to accommodate the number of cars that residents want to park in them. A fire engine needs 10ft (3 metres) clearance to pass safely. We are urging residents to think about their parking as they could be putting the lives of their families, friends and neighbours at risk. 

“The way cars are parked can mean the difference between the emergency services saving a life or not.”