Council praised for fitting sprinklers in hostel

Tue 25 Jun, 2013

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has congratulated Milton Keynes Council for fitting a fire sprinkler system into a hostel used as temporary accommodation.

The hostel, in the west of the borough, is the fourth such building to be fitted with sprinklers.

Station Manager Ian Wilson, who runs the Milton Keynes Fire Safety office at Broughton Fire Station, said: “I’m thrilled that fire sprinklers have been fitted in this property.

“Milton Keynes Council continues to demonstrate its forward-looking approach by good risk assessment and prudent management of funds by fitting fire sprinklers where appropriate.

“Clearly, we fully support Milton Keynes Council’s pragmatic approach to fire safety in its properties and we will continue to offer our advice and guidance."

It is understood that the council has an ongoing programme of fitting fire sprinklers in carefully selected premises.

Ian added: "Sprinklers are 99 per cent effective in controlling fires, normally with just a few sprinkler heads operating. There have been no fire deaths in the UK in a building fitted with a fully-maintained sprinkler system.

"As well as saving lives, sprinklers offer many other advantages. For example. a sprinkler system can reduce building costs on a new-build or extension by virtue of a trade-off with partition walls and protection on escape routes.

"There is the potential with sprinkler protection to explore much greater flexibility in design that can ultimately satisfy and often exceed the end-user requirements.

"And don't believe what you see in films - sprinklers don’t all go off at once in the event of a fire! Only the sprinkler heads affected by heat will go off."