Crews work with local community to save homes from burst water main

Sat 29 Oct, 2016

Crews from High Wycombe, Beaconsfield and Amersham were mobilised to Hazlemere on Saturday afternoon when a water main burst open, sending thousands of litres of water into properties at Jackson Court.

Station Commander Dean Elliott, who also attended the incident, said: "On my arrival there were about 100 people - fire and police representatives, and members of the local community - all mucking in together to prevent flooding to houses affected by the burst water main.

"There was certainly a 'Dunkirk spirit'  atmosphere amongst the group, who did their very best to fill sandbags, move property and also lead elderly residents to safety."

Firefighters led by Watch Commander Jon Franklin from High Wycombe Fire Station used a number of pumps to divert water away from the houses and an electricity substation until the water main was capped off and rendered safe by Thames Water.

Dean added: "Volunteer welfare services also attended to assist the elderly residents whose properties were worst affected and likely to require temporary accommodation due to the extent of the damage.

"A total of five properties were badly damaged and another 10 properties plus the electricity substation were saved from serious damage."