The day a TV chef cooked for firefighters

Tue 14 Oct, 2014

Self-catering is all part of the job for firefighters - and many other people who work in the evenings and at weekends - but wouldn’t it be great if a Michelin-starred chef could give you a hand!

That’s exactly what happened when TV cookery programme Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes visited High Wycombe Fire Station.

Celebrity chef Tom, who owns the Hand and Flowers in West Street, Marlow, showed firefighters how to prepare what is billed as “the ultimate English breakfast omelette”. The result can be seen during this Friday’s (17 October) episode of his current series on BBC2, which runs from 9pm to 9.30pm.

Firefighters gave Tom a warm welcome when he arrived with the film crew back in June. Crew Manager Luke Brown said: “After meeting Tom and the crew, we asked Tom to get into some fire kit and muck in. Tom seemed to be up for a laugh and got involved with the banter.

“We even took him outside so he could go up in the station’s 100-foot turntable ladder.

“When we went upstairs to the mess deck, the director asked for a volunteer to cook with Tom. After a quick push, our one and only Tony Dumbarton volunteered - and we couldn’t have had a better firefighter for the job.

“Tom showed Tony how to prepare a full English omelette and, after many takes, Tony achieved this with absolutely no stick from the rest of the crew. 

“Tony then talked to Tom about the importance of smoke alarms in the home and how keeping the kitchen clean and free from grease and crumbs can help prevent a fire.

“Once Tony and Tom’s omelette was cooked, we sat as a group and tasted the delights.”

Firefighter Tony Dumbarton, pictured above with Tom, said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to cook with Tom Kerridge. I’m really surprised that he didn’t offer me a full-time position in his restaurant, but I think using the knife upside down didn’t help.”

Firefighter Mark Robinson added: “I believe that Tom genuinely enjoyed working with us as we did with him.”