Firefighter and students work on safety campaign

Tue 10 Jun, 2014

Students from Bucks New University in High Wycombe are working with Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service on a project which aims to help reduce the number and severity of house fires.

They have been brought together by Firefighter Adam Burch from Green Watch at High Wycombe Fire Station. Adam, who graduated from the university’s Creative Advertising course in 2008, said: “I am utilising the skills I learnt from the course and combining them with my experience within the fire and rescue service. 

“We have formed a fantastic community partnership which is now part of the course syllabus, and this year’s project is on accidental dwelling fires.

“Our aim is to create an impactful advertising campaign that will change the way our audience perceives the risk of a fire happening, and the effects that a serious fire could have on the lives of everyone involved.

“Calls to fire and rescue services are reducing year-on-year across the UK, and the area served by Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service is now one of the safest places in which to live, work and travel. But having said that, fire safety in the home is and always will be a huge risk.

“Every year, dwelling fires account for around 60 per cent of all building fires in the UK. These fires also account for most of the casualties that occur in building fires, and the majority of deaths in dwellings result from fires caused accidentally.”

Working in teams, and following a full briefing, second-year Creative Advertising students have created a variety of concepts and ideas. All the work has now been presented, and this year’s winners will be announced shortly at a campaign launch night at High Wycombe’s Hollywood Bowl.

The winning team will be receive a Community Partnership Award and a prize of £100. The campaign will then be produced to a professional standard and used to help raise awareness and tackle the issue of accidental fires starting in the home.