Safety message following gas barbecue fire, 4 July 2015

Sun 5 Jul, 2015

Safety message from Watch Commander Paul Casey from Beaconsfield Fire Station following a gas barbecue fire (pictured) in Clapton Approach, Wooburn Green, on Saturday 4 July 2015:

"When using gas barbecues, check to ensure that they are in good working order and that none of the low-pressure hoses have perished.

"In this case the hose had been subject to weathering down to, in part, the age of the barbecue and not covering it properly when not in use. 

"The barbecue was being used too close to the property and once the fire had started in the cylinder, this caused damage to the external fixtures of the house, including the windows and guttering. 

"When the fire started, the owner did exactly the right thing by getting the whole family to evacuate the property and calling 999."

Click here to see the barbecue safety advice issued last month.