Firefighters release horse trapped in metal gate

Thu 23 Mar, 2017

Firefighters worked with a vet to release a horse whose hind legs were trapped in a metal gate last night.

Crews from Olney, Newport Pagnell and Aylesbury were called to the incident, at Petsoe End, near Emberton, shortly after 7pm.

After the horse, called Dougie, had been sedated by the vet, firefighters unbolted the gate and pulled it clear.

Station Commander Tim Parkins, who also attended, said: "As Dougie came out of sedation, we got him up on his feet and back in his stable, allowing the vet to complete a detailed check.

"He appeared to be generally okay but will require monitoring over the next couple of days."

The picture above shows a sedated Dougie with the vet and a firefighter.