Firefighters rescue dog stuck in mud

Tue 18 Jul, 2017

Firefighters rescued a Labrador which became stuck in mud while being taken for a walk by her owner in Beaconsfield today.

Crews from Beaconsfield, Gerrards Cross and High Wycombe were called to the incident, in a field off Burnham Lane, shortly before noon.

Crew Commander David James from Beaconsfield Fire Station said: "The owner was obviously very upset, so the first thing we did was to calm her down so that the dog wouldn't pick up on her anxiety.

"The dog was about eight feet away from solid ground, and when we tested the depth of the mud with a wading pole we found that it would be chest-deep if a person entered it."

Firefighters quickly put a plan in place using a telescopic six-metre reach pole which they were able to attach to the dog's collar to help her get her footing. She was rescued uninjured and reunited with her owner. 

David added: "There is always a risk in situations like this that the owner or a well-meaning bystander will try to carry out the rescue and end up becoming stuck too, making it a much more serious incident.

"We have the equipment and the training to deal with these rescues and were very happy to help."

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