Firefighters rescue three people from house fire

Mon 30 Sep, 2013

Firefighters rescued a mother and two boys who were trapped upstairs when a fire broke out in their home this morning.

Three crews were called to the fire, in a mid-terrace house in Pevers Lane, Weston Underwood, shortly after 3am.

Firefighters from Olney used a ladder to help them down from a first-floor window because they could not escape through the smoke downstairs. A member of staff from Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service's control room provided fire survival guidance over the telephone while firefighters were on their way.

All three were taken to hospital suffering from the effects of breathing in smoke.

Crews from Newport Pagnell and Broughton went into the house wearing breathing apparatus and put out the fire with two hose reels. They used a large fan to clear away the smoke.

Station Manager Nick Honor, who also attended the incident, said: "Although there were two smoke alarms in the house, neither was working because they did not have batteries in them. Fortunately the mother was woken when she heard a crackling noise coming from downstairs.

"Following the subsequent fire investigation, there is evidence to indicate that the most likely cause of the fire was a spark or radiated heat from a fire within the fireplace, igniting a nearby sofa."

Nine people were evacuated from two adjacent houses while firefighters put out the fire.

Nick is urging people to carry out weekly checks to make sure their smoke alarms work, and to book a free fire safety visit - called a Home Fire Risk Check - so that firefighters can help them minimise the risk of having a house fire. Ring 01296 744477 or send an email to to book one.

Firefighters returned to the house at 8am to carry out a reinspection. The ground floor was about 25 per cent damaged by fire, and heavily smoke damaged.