Five-year blueprint approved by Fire Authority

Wed 17 Dec, 2014

A modified version of the Public Safety Plan for 2015-20 – the blueprint for the way Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service will work over the next five years – was given unanimous approval at today’s meeting of Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority.

After taking into consideration the results of 12 weeks of public consultation held earlier this year, members removed a proposal to consider alternative ways of delivering core services, such as through privatisation.

However, they said there might still be some scope to look at other methods of delivering specialist or back-office functions.

The consultation exercise included public and staff focus groups, meetings with union representatives and an online questionnaire. Hundreds of partner and community organisations were invited to participate.

Councillor Adrian Busby, Chairman of Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority, said: “It is our ambition to remain one of the highest performing and most innovative fire authorities in the country.”

Officers have now been asked to start developing the other four proposals in the Public Safety Plan, which are:

  • To review capacity in each of five key geographical areas, starting with Milton Keynes, to ensure Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service has:

        The right balance between measures to prevent and protect against risks and residual    
        capacity needed to respond to emergencies.

        The most appropriate crewing models relative to current and expected levels of demand
        and risk.

        The right number of staff, fire engines and other specialist appliances required to fit with
        normal, day-to day-demand patterns.

        The right number and location for fire stations. This may involve moving, merging,
        closing or co-locating with other blue-light services. 

  • To identify and implement the level of capacity needed to respond to major local, regional and national emergencies and meet mutual assistance obligations to neighbouring fire and rescue services.
  • To work with staff and other stakeholders to develop the very best resourcing models for both the service and the people it serves and protects. This will embrace identifying and implementing changes to staff terms and conditions of employment, crewing models and shift patterns.
  • To continue to develop opportunities to increase the benefits and value that we deliver to the public by using our capacity, resources and assets to meet a wider range of community needs in partnership with others.


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