Flyaway marquee damages pavilion roof

Wed 8 Jul, 2015

Firefighters were called after a flyaway marquee damaged the pavilion at the sports ground in Springfields, Padbury,yesterday afternoon.

The 15 x 25 metre marquee, which had an aluminium frame, had been used during an event organised by Padbury Parish Council.

It was caught by the wind and carried about 30 metres across the sports ground before striking and damaging the pavilion's tiled roof.

It then dropped down and became caught up in trees, children's playground equipment and a chain-link fence.

Watch Commander John Robinson from Buckingham Fire Station said: "There was a risk that the marquee could have continued into nearby gardens, causing further damage to homes and fences. 

"Crews from Buckingham and Winslow systematically chopped away the frame with hydraulic rescue equipment and used knives to cut out large areas of the marquee’s sheets to reduce the sail effect in the wind.

"It was brought down to the ground in a controlled and calculated manner without the use of the aerial platform from Oxford, which was standing by."