Live casualty and local house provide real-life training scenario

Tue 9 Aug, 2016

Firefighters from Aylesbury Fire Station were able to carry out a realistic breathing apparatus training exercise yesterday – thanks to a live casualty and the loan of an empty house!

The empty property in Thrasher Road, Aylesbury, was provided by Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, who allowed White Watch to fill it with synthetic smoke.

Crew Commander Rhys Price said: “Using a semi-detached house in a residential street resulted in the crew being able to run a real-time rescue in circumstances they could easily get called to. 

“Neighbours living in the street came over to watch the crew’s activity and find out what we were doing. 

“We were able to reassure them it was a training scenario, and provide advice on how they can avoid getting into a situation where we might need to visit them for a rescue."

He added: “By running the drill several times, we were able to show the difference between having to search a property with and without a positive pressure ventilation fan.”

A positive pressure ventilation or PPV fan is a piece of equipment which can be used to force smoke and heat out of a burning building and provide a safer working environment for firefighters working inside the building.

Community safety coordinator Alison Still provided support to the training scenario by acting as the live casualty for the crews to rescue. 

Rhys added: “This was a great opportunity as a live person shows up better on the thermal imaging camera in comparison to a rescue dummy, and because casualty handling is more realistic using a live casualty.

“Many thanks to Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust and to Alison for their help.”