Our fire engines now come with added extras!

Fri 17 Feb, 2017

Our fire engines are packed with equipment so that their most important cargo of all – the firefighters – can deal with emergency incidents.

Now all of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service’s big red trucks come with added extras – teddy bears knitted by community group volunteers.

Trauma Teddies will be given to children who are distressed or in need of reassurance and emotional support at emergency situations such as fires and collisions.

Community safety officer Oliver Franklin said: “Trauma Teddies were pioneered by the Australian Red Cross in the 1990s, who found they helped distract children and keep them occupied when something traumatic was happening around them. 

“The child keeps the teddy bear and it becomes a new little cuddly friend.”

The Trauma Teddies are provided by local community group 100 Trauma Teddies, which has a Facebook page here

Coordinator Lisa Bradley is pictured above with firefighters from Aylesbury Fire Station and a selection of Trauma Teddies