Please think about emergency access when parking in the street

Fri 29 Jan, 2016

Firefighters are urging people to think about access for emergency service vehicles when parking in the street.

It follows an incident in Beaconsfield this morning at which a fire engine was held up because of cars parked on both sides of Cambridge Road.

Watch Commander Paul Casey from Beaconsfield Fire Station said: “We lost what could have been vital time as we had to get out of the fire engine and push in the wing mirrors of the vehicles in front of us. We literally had an inch to spare on either side.”

The call turned out to be a false alarm caused by a smoke alarm activating in a house. Firefighters took the picture above as they were preparing to leave after checking that there was no fire

Keith Wheeler, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service’s road safety officer, said: "Many streets were not designed to accommodate the number of cars that residents want to park in them.

“A fire engine needs 10ft (3 metres) clearance to pass safely. Streets congested with parked cars can delay fire engines and other emergency service vehicles attending an incident, and any other large vehicles that need access

"We are urging residents to think about their parking as they could be putting the lives of their families, friends and neighbours at risk. 

“The way cars are parked can mean the difference between the emergency services saving a life or not.”