Proposal to merge Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations and create blue-light hub

Thu 10 Sep, 2015

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Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority is launching a public consultation on Monday (14 September 2015) into a proposal to merge Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations in Milton Keynes and create a blue-light hub station at West Ashland.

It would be a base for Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service and Thames Valley Police to work together more effectively for the benefit of the local area. 

Chief Fire Officer Jason Thelwell said: “Moving long-established fire stations is always a sensitive issue. We are confident that the proposal is safe and cost-effective while building greater collaboration between the emergency services and offering some facilities for local community groups to use.

“In our Public Safety Plan 2015-20, we set out our blueprint for the next five years. Included within this was a proposal to review the number and location of our fire stations while continuing to strive to reduce risk across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. 

“Under the proposal, all existing fire engines and other resources at Bletchley and Great Holm Fire Stations would be relocated to the new hub station. The fire stations at Broughton, Newport Pagnell and Olney would continue as now, unaffected by this proposal.”

The new hub station would cost about £4.4 million, but thanks to a Government grant of £2.8 million there would be no additional cost to the local community through extra council tax.

Further details, including maps and an analysis of emergency response times, are available here. The consultation will run until 10am on Monday 9 November.

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