Pupils do their families and school proud after completing course

Thu 26 May, 2016

Twelve year 7 pupils have made their familes and Buckingham School proud after completing a health and wellbeing programme at Buckingham Fire Station.

The 11- and 12-year-olds were presented with certificates last night after giving a practical demonstation of some of the skills they have learnt during the six-week Team Fire HOSE course (HOSE stands for Health, Outdoor adventurous activities and Self Esteem) run by Red Watch.

The course was run with the assistance and involvement of a number of partner organisations, including South Central Ambulance Service, Buckingham branch of Tesco and Buckingham-based T King Associates.

It is part of a wider national scheme which is seeking to encourage young people to stay fit and healthy and learn how to save a life.

Crew Commander Mike Downard from Buckingham Fire Station said: “The programme helped develop the children’s understanding of the importance of staying healthy, and showed them how they can incorporate what they have learned into their everyday lives.”

The course modules were: 

  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles
  • Personal safety in the home
  • Self-esteem and motivation
  • Basic life support skills (CPR)
  • Practical team-building exercises
  • Fire and rescue service-related operational training and adventurous outdoor activities
  • Leadership qualities 

Each weekly session was structured so that participants’ knowledge, confidence and skills were gradually built up.

Last night's presentation took place in front of an audience including Councillor Adrian Busby, Chairman of Buckinghamshire & Milton Keynes Fire Authority; Councillor Andy Mahi, Mayor of Buckingham; Jason Thelwell, Chief Fire Officer, Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service; Angela Wells, Headteacher, and Caroline Collie, Head of Year 7, Buckingham School; Derek Flint, South Central Ambulance Service; and David Sherlock, Manager, Lydia Galer and Jo Lawrence, Tesco Buckingham.

Clink on the link below to see a documentary about Team Fire HOSE made by University of Buckingham students Owen Hughes and Paul Rutland.