Pupils recognised for hard work on Junior FireFit course

Thu 25 Feb, 2016

Above: Video explaining what Junior FireFit is all about.

Sixteen year 8 girls had their hard work recognised at a special assembly at Cressex Community School today after taking part in High Wycombe Fire Station’s first ever Junior FireFit course.

The course, which ran during January and February, is targeted at students who do not regularly participate in physical activity. It aims to motivate them into considering a healthier lifestyle, using the role of a firefighter as inspiration.

High Wycombe Fire Station teamed up with Leap, the Bucks & MK Sport and Activity Partnership, to secure external funding from Sport England’s ‘Sportivate’ fund to run the course. 

Leap manages Sport England’s funding for Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes and works on a range of different projects to help encourage the community to keep fit and active.

The course was split into six sessions, held every Wednesday as an after-school club. It started with a visit to White Watch at High Wycombe Fire Station, where the students were split into two watches of junior firefighters and issued with fire kit, a sports top, a water bottle, a pedometer and a healthy fruit snack.

Crew Commander Adam Burch said: “The junior firefighters learned first-hand what life on a fire station involves. They witnessed White Watch carrying out a drill in the drill yard, toured the station and learned about the different appliances and equipment we use. They then took part in a timed obstacle course using fire service equipment.”

He added: “By working in partnership with Leap and Sport England and engaging with our local community, we feel we have an important role to play in promoting health and wellbeing.”

In week two the Junior FireFit instructors met the junior firefighters at their school. They spent the session looking at the importance of healthy eating and staying fit and healthy, using the role of a firefighter as an example. The students were also put to the test in a series of circuits, and the two watches went head to head in a team challenge.

Week three included an introduction to first aid, with the junior firefighters learning how to perform CPR and how to use a defibrillator. They also learned about Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service’s ambulance co-responder scheme, in which specially-trained firefighters respond to medical emergencies, and the introduction of community defibrillators at fire stations.

In session four the junior firefighters learned about the consequences of playing with fire, and how valuable emergency service time and resources are wasted by hoax calls. The session included a team challenge and a series of exercise circuits 

The penultimate session looked at the main causes of fires in the home and the importance of road safety, and the two watches were tasked to design their own road or fire safety poster. High Wycombe Green Watch the set the junior firefighters through their paces by rerunning the obstacle course from week one to see if they could improve on their original times.

The final session was held at the brand new Wycombe Sports Centre. The students were given a tour of the fantastic new facilities and spent time in the pool before taking on High Wycombe Red Watch in a range of different sporting activities.

Buckingham Fire Station is planning to run a similar health and wellbeing course, for pupils at Buckingham School, in April and May.

Pictured below: Pupils warm up before their first Junior FireFit challenge.