Safety advice after swimmer is rescued from weir

Fri 23 May, 2014

Caldecotte Weir, where a young woman became stranded after swimming yesterday evening.

Firefighters are urging people not to ignore "no swimming" signs on lakes and other waterways in Milton Keynes.

They have issued the reminder after being called yesterday evening to rescue a young woman who was stranded on Caldecotte Weir, between Simpson and Caldecotte Lake North in Milton Keynes.

Crews from Bletchley, Great Holm and Newport Pagnell were called shortly before 9pm. It is understood she had been swimming with friends.

Firefighters wearing drysuits secured her with a waterproof throw line and helped her to safety up a ladder. She was handed into the care of paramedics.

Watch Manager Chris Montague from Bletchley Fire Station said: "Although she was cold after her ordeal, we're glad to say she was otherwise uninjured."

Neil Boustred, head of Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service’s community safety team, said: "Please don't be tempted to take a dip in rivers, lakes or canals.

“Weirs and areas of fast currents are obviously high risk, but any stretch of water, still or flowing, has the capability to kill.

"Strong currents or cold water can quickly overwhelm even strong swimmers. Pollution or algae can cause illness, and there can be hidden dangers including deep holes, soft mud, weeds or rubbish."

Neil asked people to remember these safety tips:

  • The safest place to swim is in a supervised swimming pool.
  • Warn your children of the risks, and know where they are when they are out playing.
  • Act responsibly near water, and never swim, even where allowed, after drinking alcohol.
  • At home, keep small children away from ponds and pools and make sure they are supervised in the bath.