Safety notice: Bush & Haier washing machines

Sun 4 May, 2014

Click here to see the warning issued by Argos

Community safety staff at Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service would like to draw the public’s attention to a safety notice issued by Argos.

They have identified a problem with a number of models of Bush and Haier washing machines they have sold.

A component part in the control panel can overheat, leading to localised damage, and present a risk of fire.

The washing machines are:

  • Bush WM1270TVE (white) and WM1270TVEME (silver)
  • Bush DIHWD1270TVE (white) and DIHWD1270TVEME (silver)
  • Bush WM1470TVE (white) and WM1470TVEME (silver)
  • Bush DIHWD1470TVE (white) and DIHWD1470TVEME (silver)
  • Haier HWD1270TVE (white) and HWD1270TVEME (silver)
  • Haier HWD1470TVE (white) and HWD1470TVEME (silver)
  • Haier 1470TVE (white) and 1470TVEME (silver)

The model number is on the body of the washing machine, just inside the door.

If you have, or think you may have, one of the affected washing machines, Argos will arrange for the faulty component to be replaced. Contact 0800 888 6124 or email