Safety reminder after dishwasher catches fire during the night

Thu 15 May, 2014

Firefighters are advising people not to set dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers to come on while they are asleep or out.

The reminder follows a fire this morning at a house in in Shenley Lodge, Milton Keynes.

Crews from Great Holm and Bletchley were called to the fire in Silicon Court at 3.44am. Crew Manager Tim Delaney, from Great Holm Fire Station, said: "The dishwasher had a timer switch and it had been set to come on during the night. It caught fire because of an electrical fault in the front panel.

"It was mainly smoke, but it could have developed into an even more serious incident had the occupants not been alerted by a smoke alarm in the hallway."

Firefighters used a fan to clear the smoke, and gave fire safety advice to the occupants. The kitchen door had been kept closed, which limited the amount of smoke damage to the home.

Tim said: "Our advice is only to use dishwashers, tumble dryers and washing machines while you are in your home, and not when you are asleep.

"We also recommend that people follow a night-time routine, turning off any electrical appliances that don’t need to be left on, closing doors and keeping escape routes clear.”

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service will carry out a free safety check in your home, fitting free smoke alarms where they are needed. To book one, ring 01296 744477 or send an email to