Warning and reassurance over reports of solar panel scam

Thu 12 Jul, 2018

Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service is reassuring people who have solar panels on their roofs that firefighters will always attend their homes in the event of an emergency.

It follows reports that a number of people in the area have been cold-called by rogue salespeople encouraging them to have new panels fitted or an expensive modification carried out.

In each case, the caller said that firefighters would not attend a fire if the work wasn’t done and that crews might refuse to fight the fire through fear of being electrocuted.

Group Commander Phill Mould said: “On one day alone we received three telephone calls from frightened people who were feeling very vulnerable and requiring reassurance about our attendance in the event of a fire.

“While all fires involving electrical currents pose a possible risk to our firefighters, we have procedures in place to deal with fires involving solar panel installations. We will always tackle the fire as safely and effectively as possible.

“People should not feel pressured into spending thousands of pounds on a new system unnecessarily."

If you think someone is trying to scam you in this way, contact Trading Standards through the Citizens Advice helpline on 03454 040506

If you are concerned about the safety of your solar panel system, have it checked a Microgeneration Certification Scheme-accredited installer and obtain a number of quotes before committing.

Phone the Microsystem Certification Scheme on 020 7090 1082, email mcshelpdesk@gemserv.com or visit www.microgenerationcertification.org