World Cup: Stay safe on the roads and in your kitchens!

Tue 12 Jun, 2018

Enjoy the FIFA World Cup, but stay safe on the roads and in your kitchens! That’s the message from Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service ahead of Thursday’s opening ceremony and the first match.

Jo Cook, head of the community safety team, said: “If you are travelling to watch a match at a pub or club, remember to work out how you are going to get home. 

“If you are going by car, someone has to be the designated driver, which means sticking to soft drinks. If you all want to drink, you need to check the availability of taxis and public transport in advance.

“Please also remember that you can still be over the alcohol limit for driving the morning after you have been drinking.”

Jo is also asking fans to be particularly careful about cooking if they have been drinking alcohol while watching a match. 

She said: “Even when you are only slightly drunk, an impromptu fry-up can go horribly wrong. 

“We frequently attend fires which have resulted from people falling asleep after starting to cook.

“Your best bet under these circumstances is a takeaway, a sandwich or some cereal.”

The tournament runs until 15 July.

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