Young people's initiative launches in Buckingham today

Wed 20 Apr, 2016

Firefighters from Red Watch at Buckingham Fire Station are today launching an initiative which aims to encourage young people to stay fit and healthy and learn how to save a life.

Team Fire HOSE – the HOSE stands for Health, Outdoors adventurous activities and Self Esteem – is a six-week interactive programme which will be held at Buckingham Fire Station for year 7 pupils (11- and 12-year-olds) from Buckingham School.

The course will be run with the assistance and involvement of a number of partner organisations, including the NHS and Tesco. It is part of a wider national scheme which is seeking to reduce the number of young people at risk of becoming obese.

Crew Commander Mike Downard from Buckingham Fire Station said: “Each session will last two hours and include an hour of educational input and an hour of fire service related physical activity.

“We will help develop the children’s understanding of the importance of staying healthy, and show them how they can incorporate what they have learned into their everyday lives.”

The course modules are: 

  • Healthy eating and healthy lifestyles
  • Personal safety in the home
  • Self-esteem and motivation
  • Basic life support skills (CPR)
  • Practical team-building exercises
  • Fire and rescue service-related operational training and adventurous outdoor activities
  • Leadership qualities 

Mike added: “Each weekly session has been structured so that participants’ knowledge, confidence and skills are gradually built up. They will be held after school and attended by 12 students at a time.

“The initial teambuilding exercises will break the barriers, and then in the following weeks they will learn about everything from what a healthy plate looks like to CPR.”

At the final session, which will include an awards ceremony, the children will demonstrate what they have learned in front of an audience comprising parents, teachers, local councillors and staff from Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service and Tesco.