ON-CALL FireFighters

The job

As an On-Call firefighter you can play a vital role in your local community while continuing with your primary employment and career. It is a highly worthwhile way to use your available spare time. In doing so you will be paid, meet new colleagues, develop new friendships and acquire a range of new skills.

Most On-Call firefighters are based in rural areas and will crew one or two appliances at a solely On-Call fire station. However, some are based in urban areas on stations alongside wholetime crews. Some On-Call firefighters also crew special appliances such as hydraulic platforms, water carriers and off-road vehicles. On-Call fire crews will be called upon to attend the full range of incidents including fires, floods, road traffic collisions, chemical spills and more, and work alongside their wholetime colleagues at many incidents.

This is your chance to take on a vital role on behalf of your local community without having to change the way you live or work. Operating on an On-Call basis, you will respond to emergency incidents as part of your On-Call firefighter role.

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