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People Strategy

The People Strategy demonstrates how the Authority captures the commitment and professionalism of all its people to achieve the vision, aim, priorities and objectives as documented in the Public Safety Plan and Corporate Plan.

There are five key areas supporting our overarching People Strategy, each has its own strategy:

  • Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Resourcing Strategy
  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Employee Well-being Strategy

Our People Strategy (2016-2020)

We are continually looking to move our workforce forward in line with the Service’s visions, aims and priorities.

Key challenges:

The challenges for the Authority over the five years of this strategy are well documented within the Public Safety Plan and Corporate Plan. These plans demonstrate our commitment to delivering consistent improvement, as well as taking a fresh look at how we deliver our services.

Our Medium Term Financial Plan (MTFP) identifies the financial resources required, projected into the future based on the delivery of specific aims and objectives as set out in the Public Safety Plan and Corporate Plan.

Together these plans establish a responsibility to diversify the services we provide and how we provide them, to proactively look for collaboration opportunities and to become more flexible, ensuring we can deliver our vision in new and exciting ways.

The best way to meet these challenges is by having the most high performing and highly motivated people. Our people must feel that they can engage and provide a valuable contribution to making improvements, no matter what role they undertake within the Service.


  • We will work with all groups to target and reduce risk and will pro-actively seek opportunities to collaborate with our partners.
  • We will treat everyone fairly and with respect, challenging any prejudice or discrimination.
  • We place value on diversity within our Service and the communities we serve.
  • We will create opportunities to develop and learn, encourage innovation and creativity, work honestly to develop trust and strive for excellence in all that we do.
  • We will accept responsibility and accountability for our performance and actions, being answerable to those we serve.

Employee Proposition:

The key to achieving our vision, aim and priorities is developing an excellent employee proposition.

The employee proposition and People Strategy will ensure we can:

  • Recruit, engage and retain the most high performing, highly motivated people.
  • Effectively analyse and forecast the changing internal and external landscape of the services we provide, through data analysis, research and resource modelling.
  • Ensure our workforce reflects the diverse communities we serve as far as is possible.
  • Give our people the best opportunities to develop and improve to attain their full potential wherever possible, through robust talent management.
  • Recognise and reward high performance.
  • Have a high level of positive employee involvement through effective and productive employee relations.

The employee proposition is the unique set of benefits that we offer in return for employees willingly using their talents to work together to make Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes the safest areas in England in which to live, work and travel.

Our Vision:

Our vision is that Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes are the safest areas in England in which to live, work and travel.

Our aim:

To optimise the contribution and well-being of our people.

Our priorities:

  • Adapt and refresh the workforce to improve service delivery, resilience and deliver Public Safety Plan outcomes.
  • Where appropriate move to flexible, affordable and local terms and conditions to support demand and risk-led people resourcing.
  • Ensure the People Strategy, employment policy, supporting contracts and workforce capacity and capability systems are established to support demand and risk-led people resourcing.
  • Adapt the employee proposition to optimise employee motivation, attract and retain the right calibre, high performing people.
  • Ensure utmost well-being of our people

 This strategy is broken into five key areas:

  • Equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Employee engagement
  • Resourcing
  • Talent management
  • Well-being

Links to the pages for each key area can be found below.