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Director of Human Resources and Organisational Development

We’re looking for someone to focus on inspiring our people and Service to ever greater levels of performance. Could this be you?

Support, Support Services

People and Culture Officer

Are you passionate about championing people? Do you want to get involved in supporting and promoting culture change? Can you play a key role in embedding equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in our organisation?

Out of sight but not out of mind…

At the core of our Service there are teams of people who make sure that our appliances and the people on them are looked after, can do the best job they can and get out of the stations as quickly as possible when the call comes in!

We also have teams who work alongside our firefighters to engage with the public and help protect the most venerable groups within our community.

From core functions like human resources, organisational development, and finance, to those more unique to us, such as Protection and Community Safety; we have a host of roles that sit outside, but actively support, our firefighting team.

Human resources

Our Human Resources (HR) Team takes care of our employees, the service’s most valuable asset. The team is a mix of support staff and operational staff who undertake tasks like recruitment, managing employee relations, and creating company policies.


Our Finance Team is a diverse group of highly skilled people who drives a culture of development and progression. Fundamental to the financial management of our Service, the team provides accountancy, budget management support and payroll and pension processing. The team also monitors the revenue and capital budget and completes our annual Statement of Accounts.

Resource management

Our Resource Management Team make sure all our resources and crews are in the right place, with the right skills, at the right time. They do this seven days a week, making sure we deliver the best operational response we can to the public. If a major incident occurs in our area, they will organise our operational support room, assisting our incident commanders and making sure we have the resources available to handle any situation.


Our Prevention Team works to improve the safety and wellbeing of our community. It identifies those who are at greatest risk and works with partners to help prevent fires and other incidents occurring, safeguarding those who are most vulnerable. This team’s work involves educating, engaging, and empowering people in our community to be more resilient by raising their awareness of risk and how to address it.10


Our Protection Team ensures businesses and public buildings are following regulatory fire safety requirements. The team’s Protection Officers engage with our business community, providing simple information on fire safety, arson prevention and appropriate control measures. They visit buildings which are covered by fire safety legislation to carry out audits. They offer guidance when requirements are not being met and if needed can take appropriate level of enforcement action. The team also deals with fire safety complaints and public concerns on public, commercial, and multi-occupancy residential buildings.

Organisational Development

Our Organisational Development Team takes immense pride in seeing our people grow both professionally and personally. They ensure our employees have the right skills, behaviours, and personal qualities to perform their roles, supporting those who are looking to progress their careers. This team future-proofs the Service’s capabilities, and continuously builds our talent pool through training, learning and development programmes.


Our team of vehicle technicians are based within our very own Workshop, nestled in the grounds of our Headquarters in Aylesbury. They are responsible for the servicing, repair and maintenance of our emergency and support vehicles which operate from our 19 fire stations around the county. What makes our workshop different is the 600 plus pieces of operational plant and equipment they also look after, items like ladders, hydraulic rescue equipment and light portable pumps.

Information, Communication, Technology

Our ICT Team is vital to Service delivery. Its members support the technology that ensures our fire appliances and crews are alerted to incidents and receive risk information relevant to the incident they are attending. This team also supports all the back-office IT functions to enable the Service to run smoothly, providing and installing equipment and software, and ensuring the smooth running and access to our electronic systems including email, payroll, and HR.

Working for Buckinghamshire Fire & rescue


Our teams need to reflect the communities they serve, with equitable access to opportunity for everyone.


With access to free on-site gym facilities, professional health advice and mental wellbeing champions, your health is high on the agenda.


We are proud to be making Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes safer places to live, work and travel. There are not many jobs where you can say that!

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