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Fire generating large amount of smoke

Fire generating large amount of smoke


One appliance and crew from High Wycombe, one from Amersham, one from Marlow and one from Maidenhead, along with three officers attended.

A fire involving multiple piles of mixed refuse was producing a large amount of smoke.

The firefighters used:

  • Four sets of breathing apparatus
  • Three main jets
  • Four pumping appliances
  • One water carrier

Firefighters worked to contain the fire and prevent it spreading to on-site buildings and containers.

Crews remained working at the scene until the evening and reinspected in the morning.

We conducted a second inspection on 1st May 2024, reaffirming our findings of no significant risk of fire spread. The site now requires mechanical intervention to remove quantities of smouldering waste from the site. Moving forward, we are committed to collaborating with our partner agencies and the private landowner to expedite the clearance of the site.

Amersham Road, Hazlemere

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