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Collaboration Report


Collaboration Report

Thames Valley Emergency Services Collaboration Report

Evidencing the extensive collaboration underway, and planned, between the fire and rescue, police and ambulance services of the Thames Valley.

From the day-to-day interaction of our front-line staff at emergency incidents, to the sharing of premises and procurement opportunities, we regularly work in partnership for the good of our communities.

In the attached document, you will find evidence of the extensive collaboration already underway and details of the Collaborative Programme established to create further efficiencies and enhance public safety going forward.

In 2017, the Policing and Crime Act placed a statutory duty on fire and rescue authorities, police forces, and ambulance trusts to:

Keep collaboration opportunities under review;

Notify other emergency services of proposed collaborations that could be in the interests of their mutual efficiency or effectiveness; and

Give effect to a proposed collaboration, where the proposed parties agree that it would be in the interests of their efficiency or effectiveness and that it does not have an adverse effect on public safety.

To reflect their wider role, ambulance trusts are required to consider the impact of the proposed collaboration on their wider functions and the NHS, when determining if it would be in the interests of their efficiency or effectiveness.

The programme of work we have established under the banner of the ‘Thames Valley Collaboration Programme’ will evidence how the political leadership are ensuring compliance with our statutory duty under the Act. It will also allow us to demonstrate how we are maximising opportunities to drive efficiency and effectiveness, in the interest of public safety.