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HMICFRS Inspection Report 2019


HMICFRS Inspection Report 2019

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) – BFRS Inspection Findings Report 2019

Following completion of the first inspection round of all 45 fire and rescue services, HMICFRS published the report into Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service on 17 December 2019, as part of the final tranche of reports.

The inspection methodology covers three pillars (effectiveness, efficiency and people) against each of which a judgement is given; outstanding, good, requires improvement or inadequate.

There is no overall judgement covering service performance.

The Service was judged:

  • Effectiveness – requires improvement
  • Efficiency – requires improvement
  • People – good

Depending on the severity of matters found, HMICFRS may provide suggested areas for improvement, causes for concern and recommendations.

A recommendation will always accompany a cause for concern.

The report for this Service identifies 11 areas for improvement, one cause for concern accompanied by two recommendations. The report is available to download below. 

The Fire and Rescue Service National Framework document requires fire and rescue services to give due regard to HMICFRS reports and recommendations.

Where recommendations are made, the receiving Service is required to prepare, update and regularly publish an action plan detailing how such recommendations are actioned (Fire and Rescue National Framework, section 7.5).

The link to the action plan can be found below.