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Emergency SMS

Emergency SMS relay service for people who can not make voice calls.

What TO Do

  • Text the word ‘register’ to 999.
  • Read all of the SMS message you receive.
  • Reply to the SMS message with ‘yes’ if you want to proceed.
  • You should receive an SMS message saying ‘success’. This means you are registered for if you ever need to contact 999 in an emergency.
  • To confirm a phone is registered for emergencySMS, text ‘register’ to 999. If the phone is registered, you will receive a reply stating ‘already registered’.
  • If you have registered to use the emergencySMS service, remember to re-register if you change phones and get a new phone number.
  • If you need to call 999, try to move to a place of safety first. Text a which/what/where message to 999.
  • If you do not receive a reponse within 2-3 minutes, call 18000 if you are able to, if not, see if there is someone who can call 999 for you.

What NOT To Do

  • Do not wait to register for the emergencySMS service until you need it. Text register to 999 and register today.
  • Do not text the emergencySMS service if you have a question about how it works. Like 999, it is only for emergency use. Email your enquiry to the emergencySMS service instead.

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