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Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

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Fire Safety and Evacuation Plans

Train employees on fire safety and evacuation plans at work.

Your plan must show how you have:

  • a clear passageway to all escape routes
  • clearly marked escape routes that are as short and direct as possible
  • enough exits and routes for all people to escape
  • emergency doors that open easily
  • emergency lighting where needed
  • training for all employees to know and use the escape routes
  • a safe meeting point for staff

People with mobility needs

You should also make special arrangements for people with mobility needs, for example, make sure there are people to help wheelchair users get downstairs if there’s a fire. Visit Fire safety risk assessment: means of escape for disabled people (.GOV) for more information.

Fire detection and warning systems

Every premises requires a fire detection and warning system that suits the unique characteristics of the building and the work that is carried out within it. Think of it as selecting the right tool for the job.

We work with local authorities, building developers, building managers and management committees to help to ensure that the procedures in the event of an emergency are safe

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