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Newport Pagnell Fire Station

The station has firefighters split into two watches. The watches work a day-crewed shift pattern crewing either the rescue pump, or the water rescue unit.


Wolverton Road,
Newport Pagnell,
MK16 8EL
United Kingdom

The water rescue unit is a boat, fitted with an outboard motor, and a towing vehicle. It also has a variety of ancillary equipment which can also be used on ice or unstable surfaces, as required.

The station covers a number of risks – rural, urban and industrial – as well as a significant section of the M1 motorway. The rescue pump is utilised outside the immediate area served by the station as back-up to both West Ashland and Broughton Fire Stations in the city, as well as the crew at Olney.

The water rescue unit not only provides responses from Aylesbury northwards in the county but also has responded to other areas in times of national crisis. The crew, who are all trained to Coxswain standard and technicians in swift water rescue, have successfully carried out numerous rescues from flooding and rivers.

Away from the operational element of the job, a major role of the modern firefighter is the prevention of all types of incidents. The station personnel are heavily involved in local initiatives to reduce the amount of fire deaths and injuries.

Station Commander
Kevin Bamford

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Rescue Pump | Volvo | Registration number KO68FUE | Registered 2018

Water Rescue Unit | Mercedes | Registration number OU10FLR | Registered July 2010 | See below for a picture of the boat

Water Rescue Unit

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