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During the On-Call Awareness Evening you will learn all things On-Call. From the commitment you will need to make, to training and development opportunities. Grab a cuppa and learn what it is like to be an On-Call Firefighter all from the comfort of your sofa.

Before you hit that ‘register for event’ button head over to our On-Call Firefighter page for the low down on what it takes to become part of our On-Call team. From this page there are links to other important information like the On-Call commitment, application process and training.

Done all your On-Call Awareness evening pre-reading homework? Go ahead and click on “Register for event” above. Not only will this help us keep track of numbers, if you want to join the On-Call team we can email you a link to the online application form after the event.

We’ll email you a link to the online event the day before so check your emails, including your junk folder! Make sure to join us early in case you have any trouble logging on (it’s always the way with these things).

If you do not have Microsoft Teams downloaded on your computer, please click “View in Web Browser”. This will take you to the live event and ask you to log in with your Hotmail or Outlook account. If you do not have either of these accounts, you will be able to log on anonymously.

We look forward to virtually meeting you!

Aylesbury Fire Station is looking to expand its firefighting team – and it’s keen to hear from you!

Did you know . . .

Aylesbury Fire Station is located in Stocklake. It is one of our shift crewed stations. This means it has four watches (Red, Green, White and Blue) whose members use the fire station as a base to provide full-time fire cover, 24/7 for Aylesbury and the surrounding villages.

Aylesbury also has an On-Call crew which can be called on to provide additional cover to Aylesbury, and its neighbouring areas, during incident response or when the day crew is busy.

What is an On-Call Firefighter?

On-Call Firefighters are professional firefighters and receive payment for the time they provide, responding to incidents, training and undertaking community safety activities, which include attending local events and helping people make their homes fire safe.

But unlike their shift colleagues, the Aylesbury On-Call crew usually respond from home or their primary employment on a call-by-call basis. They are local people who live, or work, in the Aylesbury area, and tend to have an enthusiasm for variety and action.

The On-Call crew are keen to help keep Aylesbury safe, either by using the skills and equipment they have been trained in to respond to emergency situations, by attending community events, or by sharing safety advice and tips with local groups.

If you’re interested, why not book onto our next On-Call Firefighter Awareness event. Taking place online on Wednesday 31 August 2022, you’ll be able to find out more about this firefighting role.

In the meantime . . .

Meet Gav:

Gav, 40, is one of your local Aylesbury On-Call Firefighters. He’s provided service to Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service for around 20 years and is someone you might have seen in the past delivering your mail. Up until 2019 he dual-rolled as an On-Call Firefighter and a local postal worker. His daily rural route saw him sorting and delivering letters on foot to the residents of Princes Risborough and the surrounding villages, Lacey Green, Speen and Saunderton.

What happens if someone gets taken ill when working at height? Well, it’s exactly the sort of unexpected situation our firefighters train for. If access is tricky, and special equipment is required, they are likely to be called out to assist our partner agencies and facilitate a safe rescue.

When it comes to precarious locations, the top of a crane is definitely up there – in this case 40 metres above ground! So when an offer is made for crews to practice their skills in a realistic environment, it’s an opportunity to good to be ignored!

Crew Commander Matt O’Sullivan from Beaconsfield White Watch shares his crew’s experience when they joined up with Amersham firefighters in Wooburn Green where construction company Stepnell have a tower crane in operation . . .

Training for the unexpected:

“It is always a treat for crews to get to train on structures in our local areas. Of course, most fire stations have drill towers on site which are designed and tested for this purpose, but from experience you just cannot beat getting out and practicing our skills on real-world structures every now and again.

It is all well and good training on a four-storey building with purpose-built anchor points, but what happens when you find yourself at the top of a 40-metre structure for the first time and must improvise a solid anchor point from what is available?

Of course, there is a lot of planning and paperwork to complete before such an event can take place, but it is well worth the effort to secure a good training session, and Stepnell’s crane operators were kind enough to work with us to allow this session to go ahead.

The aim of the day:

The purpose of the exercise was to familiarise two crews from Amersham and Beaconsfield with cranes, and for them to get to use the working at height equipment to perform a rescue from the top of the tower crane. Teamwork, a good plan, and excellent communication would be the keys to success.

Casualty lift:

The first crew used a 3:1 system to lift the casualty onto the jib.

The structure of the crane itself provided plenty of opportunities to create a good anchor point. The restricted room available made efficient use of the rescue hauler to get the job done more challenging than normal.

The rescue hauler must be pushed backwards and forwards to achieve the lift. If you can only push it half a metre along the line from your anchor, you are in for a long day! With a change of direction, using the length of the jib to their advantage, the crew set up a good system of work and were able to push the hauler at least three metres from their anchor point. This made the process of raising the casualty nice and efficient.

Once the first crew had raised the casualty safely onto the jib, they dismantled their working at height lifting system, re-stowed everything in the bag, and the two crews swapped over.

Casualty rescue:

The second crew now had a casualty on the jib ready for them to rescue. Once they had climbed up to the working area the crew went about setting up a safe lowering system using different anchor points from the first team. It was not long before our casualty, safely wrapped in a Chrysalis Stretcher, was being lowered back down to the ground.


The aims and objectives of this drill where both met.

The crews had a great familiarisation session on the crane and were able to successfully use our working at height equipment to raise and lower a casualty from the jib.

Thanks again to the Stepnell team for allowing us to have a good training session on their crane.”

We’ve enjoyed following our new recruits over the last couple of months as they navigate their way through eight tough, yet rewarding, weeks at The Fire Service College, Moreton-in-Marsh.

A montage containing the best bits of the recruits eight week training course.

We have seen them learn to tackle fires, brave great heights, and keep calm under extreme pressure.

With core firefighter skills firmly under their belts, they will now embark on the next phase of their apprenticeship and meet their new firefighter family, joining them on stations across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes.

It is time for the real journey to begin – and we’re proud to say we are with them every step of the way!

Following fire service tradition, to celebrate this milestone, we held a Pass Out Ceremony where successful recruits are awarded certificates and find out which stations they will be assigned to. For the first time in around 25 years we hosted this important event at the Blue-Light Hub, West Ashland. Friends and family, Members of the Fire Authority, and fellow employees attended the ceremony to congratulate and officially welcome our new recruits.

There was a real buzz of excitement as the audience were treated to a demonstration by the newly fledged firefighters, which included a collision and “persons reported” scenario. It was an opportunity for family to see how hard their loved ones have worked. In the words of one of our smaller guests: “ I am here to see Daddy be a hero” – and we don’t think they could have been disappointed.

Before being presented with their Pass Out certificates from our Chief Fire Officer, Jason Thelwell, he offered them some words of wisdom:

“Be the best you can possible be. Be better tomorrow than today and live up to the highest standards expected by your colleagues and your community. Well done to you all.’

CFO Jason Thelwell – 20 May 2022

Big Congratulations to:

  • Firefighter Marco Capella
  • Firefighter Kai Day
  • Firefighter James Ford
  • Firefighter Stephen Gould
  • Firefighter Tomas Petrons
  • Firefighter Jason Purssell-Danks
  • Firefighter James Steele
  • Firefighter Elliott Thomas
  • Firefighter Elliot Tierney
  • Firefighter Daniel Walker
  • Firefighter Lewis Bristol
  • Firefighter Felix Baxter

In the tradition of the fire service, on every course a silver axe is presented to the top recruit for showing great self-discipline, motivation, and leadership qualities throughout the course. And an exceptional attitude to learning.  This was awarded to Firefighter James Steele.

Congratulating our new recruits in completing their eight-week training course at Fire Service College.

It is important to Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service that we support our community as it represents the people we serve. With this in mind, a special thank you is made to local charity MacIntyre Catering which supported the event by providing refreshments on the day.

BFRS Firefighter recruits pass out May 2022 with Macintyre Catring Team

The MacIntyre team created the food to their usual high standard, and presented in a professional manor, which was well received by all those that attended.