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Faulty Smoke Alarms

Faulty Smoke Alarm battery

Smoke alarms with a low battery or fault will emit a short intermittent high-pitched warning sound.

If the smoke alarm is made by FireAngel, a low battery warning can be silenced for 8 hours by pressing the test button. The smoke alarm will still detect smoke during this time. However, it is recommended that the alarm is replaced immediately, and certainly within 7 days, as the alarm may have insufficient power to warn of a real fire situation after this time.

If the alarm cannot be silenced, it is faulty and should be immediately replaced.

If the faulty smoke alarm is a FireAngel ST-622 model originally provided by Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service and you are physically able to exchange the device, a replacement smoke alarm can be requested from FireAngel by calling the technical support line on 0800 1412561. A replacement alarm will be posted to you.

If you are not physically able to exchange a beeping smoke alarm, or your faulty alarm is not a FireAngel ST-622, request a Fire and Wellness Visit to replace the alarm, review fire precautions within your home and receive additional advice and guidance.

For a Fire and Wellness Visit please ring Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service on 01296 744477 or email

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