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The Fire Service

Where are your fire stations located?

We have 19 strategically placed stations across Buckinghamshire and Milton Keynes. They are located at (listed in alphabetical order): Amersham, Aylesbury, Beaconsfield, Brill, Broughton, Buckingham, Chesham, Gerrards Cross, Great Missenden, Haddenham, High Wycombe, Marlow, Newport Pagnell, Olney, Princes Risborough, Stokenchurch, Waddesdon, West Ashland and Winslow. Details about our fire stations and their locations can be found on our ‘About Us‘ page.

My smoke alarm is beeping what do I do?

A beeping or chirping smoke alarm can indicate a fault with the battery or sensor within it. Although the smoke alarm may continue to work in the short term when the beep is intermittent, the cause of the beeping needs to be investigated and if necessary the smoke alarm should be replaced.

I have a concern about a fire risk in a business or flats – who do I tell?

If you are concerned about a possible fire risk, please let us know. Our fire safety inspectors will investigate or give advice as appropriate. Please contact the local fire safety office with as much information as you can. If the concern is serious and outside of normal working hours, dial 999.
– Location is in Wycombe or South Bucks, please click here.
– Location is in Aylesbury or South Bucks, please click here.
– Location is in Milton Keynes, please click here.

Can you recommend a fire safety training provider?

As a regulatory authority we can not recommend a training provider or provide training. There are many organisations that provide training either at a central venue, or your business. When selecting a provider and course, consider any significant findings from your fire risk assessment and your procedures.

Do you run fire safety training courses – for example, use of extinguishers/how to complete a fire risk assessment?

As a regulatory authority we are not allowed to provide training or conduct risk assessments as this could lead to a conflict of interest.

Do I need to notify you about building works or plans for new buildings?

No. Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service are statutory consultees, which means that we are consulted by the Local Authority Building Control or Approved Inspector responsible for signing off the construction work. We are notified of all building work through this process, so you only need to deal with one point of contact.

Can you advise on the best place to purchase fire doors, extinguishers or other fire safety equipment?

As a regulatory authority we are not allowed to recommend or endorse any particular business or provider. There are companies who can supply this kind of equipment, and the following UK trade organisations can provide advice:
Association for Specialist Fire Protection
British Woodworking Federation
Glass and Glazing Federation
Door and Hardware Federation
British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association

I am running an event; do I need a licence or permit from the fire service?

No, although you may be required to obtain permission or a Temporary Event Notice from your Local Authority Licensing team.

Do I need to inform or get permission from the fire service to put on a public firework display?

You do not need to get permission from the fire service to put on a public firework display. These sorts of events are licensed by the Local Authority, so you do need to contact them, and follow any instructions they give. Sales of fireworks are regulated by Trading Standards.