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IFE Qualifications

IFE Qualifications

We don't just fight fires, we gain qualifications too!

We do so much more than fight fires! Did you know our Firefighters gain additional qualifications throughout their employment?

As a Service, we invest in our most valuable asset, our people!

Operational members of staff, from Firefighters to Station Commanders, sit IFE exams. These assessments are carried out in full exam conditions and are sent off to be marked externally. Gaining these qualifications allow staff to enhance their development within their roles, advance their skill sets and keep their knowledge current.

So what are IFEs?

IFE stands for Institute of Fire Engineers (the exam body who provide the qualifications). They take place twice a year and consist of the following topics :

  • Fire engineer science
  • Fire operations
  • Fire safety
  • Management and administration
  • Fire Service Operations and incidents command
  • Fire science operations and safety

The IFE aims to promote, encourage, and improve the science, practice, and professionalism of fire engineering, acting as a beacon of established expertise and guiding the way to a fire safe future.

Support provided

To best support our members of staff and help reach their full potential, we are able to provide reasonable adjustments to suit the needs of each individual. We also have a brilliant Organisational Development team who are there to assist and offer help.

Why gain the qualification?

The IFEs are a nationally recognised qualification which enable staff to progress into further career opportunities and become competent in their role.

To become a competent Crew Commander, our staff must complete:

Level 3 Units:

  • Unit 2: Fire Operations
  • Unit 3: Fire Safety
  • Unit 4: Management and Administration in Fire and Rescue Services

To become a competent Watch Commander, our staff must complete:

Level 3 Certificate papers:

  • Fire Service Operations and Incident Command
  • Fire Safety

To become a competent Station Commander, our staff must complete:

Level 4 Certificate paper:

  • Fire Service Operations and Incident Command

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