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Our top 10 favourite pancake toppings

What are yours?

firefighter flipping a pancake

Not all of our station are run the same. We have wholetime stations which are manned 24hrs a day 7 days a week. These stations are equipped with a kitchen or as we like to call it the ‘mess’. We asked the crews what they will be putting on their pancakes this Shrove Tuesday.

IN AT #1 Strawberries and chocolate sauce

pancake with chocolate sauce and strawberries

#2 Blueberries and yogurt

#3 It’s a classic Lemon and sugar

sugar being sprinkled on pancake

#4 Ice cream and bananas

#5 Protein pancakes with Greek yogurt

#6 Honey and banana

#7 It’s a savory option. Eggs, bacon and beans

#8 White chocolate and sprinkles

#9 Bacon and maple syrup

#10 Chuck a bit of everything on!

smiley face pancake


We would love to see your pancake creations this pancake day, why not post a picture on our Facebook page @bucksfire or tag us on Instagram @bucksfirerescue and show us how you can have fun in the kitchen and be #FireSafe too.

For advice on #FireSafety in the kitchen visit Kitchen Safety – Buckinghamshire Fire & Rescue Service (


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