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Preventing Deliberate Fires

Preventing Deliberate Fires

Fires started deliberately place a huge demand on fire and rescue services, yet arsonists rarely bring combustible items with them. Refuse that has not been promptly disposed of is a common target.

If a young person in your family is developing an unhealthy fascination with fire, consider making a referral to the Firewise scheme to see if Firesetter Intervention is appropriate

What NOT To Do

Preventing Deliberate Fires
  • Do not store bins or rubbish against a building
  • Do not store rubbish or any other items in the communal areas of flats. Exits should be kept clear
  • Do not allow rubbish to build up
  • Do not overfill bins

What TO Do

Preventing Deliberate Fire What to do
  • Store bins away from buildings, where possible, to prevent the spread of fire
  • Restrict access to where waste is stored – keep temptation out of sight
  • Keep the doors to communal bin stores shut and notify your property management company of any issues
  • Locate skips away from the property, arranging collection promptly once filled
  • Consider installing security lighting

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